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We still haven’t started the actual building process. So to tide me over, I thought it would be fun to share some of our inspiration. My husband Josh and I both love the Modern Farmhouse look. Originally, we were worried it was too “on trend,” but I think it actually just happens to be that a “classic look” is the current trend. Plus, you kind of have to go with “farmhouse” if you’re going to be living in the middle of an orchard on your family’s farm, right?

We started the drawing process for our plans ourselves since Josh is familiar with Auto Cad. We did that for a few months before we sought out a professional to help us make it more cohesive. In the beginning of the process, we  focused mostly on layout and then focused on exterior a little later. Maybe that’s the wrong way, but it worked for us! As far as inspiration goes, enter this exterior, and cue allllll the drooling. I have had this on my Pinterest board since Pinterest became a “thing.” It’s cut off awkwardly awkwardly and I can’t find the source. But imagine what you see here plus the contrast of black window frames, and it is pure magic though, amiright?

And this?? I mean that’s some serious eye candy.

This is our actual front exterior elevation, which may not be all the exciting to you unless you’re in to home design. For us, it’s almost two years of planning and praying. We are so excited to start our dream home building process and are very excited to share it all with you! Plus, we are both pretty terrible decision makers, so I’m hoping you will fill in the blanks with lots of suggestions and tie breakers! If you aren’t already, head to Instagram to get a peek at what my house actually looks like right now. Hint: nothing like this and currently a disaster!  Have a Happy Thursday, and as always, thanks for stopping by babe!




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