Graduation, Summer, + Some Thoughts On Motherhood

I am so happy this school year has come to a close. Preschool was our first experience with school of any kind. Sophie loved it! She made friends, she adapted, she grew, she learned so much. However, she was definitely over it the past few weeks. They started “review,” and homegirl just got super bored. Been there, done that, ya know? That and the fact that we were having too much fun on the weekends because she started crying every Monday when I dropped her off for the last month because she wanted to go home. So sad! Her graduation was the most bittersweet day. They played “Pomp and Circumstance” and all the kids wore a gown and cap adorned with their handprint. We are so proud of our girl, and love seeing a little glimpse in to the wonderful person she is and will continue to become.

It seems like time is really slipping through my fingers lately. When Sophie was a newborn, I used to nurse her and cry about the day she would leave for her first day of preschool and she now she’s a graduate! Eloise is talking constantly and her hilarious personality is shining through. The girls are growing so fast and we are all excited to enjoy the free and easy pace summer has to offer; to soak up all of the magic of their childhood. This season of life “in the trenches” can be hard on so many levels. Even though it is fulfilling and wonderful far beyond the hardships, the responsibility of being a parent in today’s sometimes ugly world can be really daunting. I’ve never prayed so much in my whole life as I have since I became a parent. I pray constantly for peace, wisdom, grace,  patience, and anything I’ll need to be the parent my girls need. Parenting these sweet little souls isn’t something I take lightly, and I just want to make their childhood as magical and carefree as I can. Let them know constantly how loved they are, even if they “already know that.”  Not sweat the small stuff. Let them be little. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Preschool graduation and the beginning of summer is no exception.

To help celebrate, I threw together a little end of summer basket for each of them. I made sure to throw in summer staples like sidewalk chalk and glow sticks for all the raves we plan on attending. I was really stoked to find these Trace-n-Erase Chalkboards™ chalkboards from Chalkfull of Design. So far, they are a hit and the girls have spent a lot of time using them. Eloise scribbles and says she’s “spelling her name,” and Sophie traces perfectly over the lines. Then Sophie gets bored of doing it the “right way,” and scribbles over the whole thing like her little sister. Rebels, the both of them.  I’m bottling them up. Savoring it all. Because as they say, these are the days.

Happy Monday everyone!





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